Disinfection carried out by the ANNIHILATOR LUMENMAX system, in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, ensures superior epidemiological safety of the premises. 

A security system based on HULLCS® controllers, which our luminaires are equipped with, ensures a safe disinfection procedure:

  • remote activation and deactivation of the disinfecting mode by the administrator is possible only thanks to a mobile device with the ANNIHILATOR LUMENMAX application installed, protected by the device code
  • Compatibility with dedicated 12V wired and wireless surface-mounted and door-mounted motion detectors which disconnect radiation
  • remote configuration of the disinfection mode start delay time
  • remote editing of the disinfection mode duration
  • visual signaling of the disinfection mode operation thanks to the SMD UVA LED
  • remotely configurable volume of the warning beep accompanying the activated disinfection mode
  • possibility of emergency disinfection mode switch off by pressing the wall switch (immediate switching to the lighting mode)
"Products that emit UV-C radiation are extremely useful in disinfecting air and surfaces, and sterilizing water. The CIE and WHO caution against the use of UV disinfection lamps to disinfect hands or other areas of the skin (WHO, 2020), unless clinically justified. UV-C radiation can be very dangerous to humans and animals; therefore, it can only be used if the products that generate this radiation are of an appropriate design that meets safety regulations or used in strictly controlled conditions where human safety is a priority, consisting in ensuring that the maximum allowable exposure to UV radiation specified in ICNIRP (2004) and IEC/CIE (2006) is not exceeded. Appropriate UV measurements are essential for proper UV assessment and risk management"

The luminaires of the ANNIHILATOR LUMENMAX system are relatively safe for inanimate surfaces compared to sterilizers based on mercury-vapor discharge UV lamps. The value of the intensity of ultraviolet UVC radiation is aimed at the rapid annihilation of pathogenic pathogens, but it is not as excessive as to lead to dynamic photodegradation of materials. 

The relatively low power of UVC radiation and its conical emission angle, compared to sterilizers equipped with high-power UV discharge lamps, provide a considerable safety margin for bystanders who, for any reason, could be present in the room during the disinfection mode.

 The radiation intensity is not so high as to lead to permanent damage to health in a short time, nevertheless, in reference to the CIE (International Lighting Committee) guidelines, we hereby warn about the harmfulness of UVC radiation for human and animal health and its destructive effect on plant tissues. When using the ANNIHILATOR LUMENMAX system, the user – system administrator is obliged to follow the operating rules contained in the product manual and the information obtained during training on its use.