We are the sole company that presents to each customer a separate, accurate simulation of UVC radiation for a given room. By providing detailed data on the intensity of radiation on all illuminated surfaces, we simulate the necessary exposure time to achieve the state of room disinfection with exceptionally high accuracy.

The customer has the ability to choose the number, location and spacing of luminaires on the ceiling surface, which suggests the time necessary to deactivate pathogens, as well as lighting values – white light intensity, luminance and light distribution factor.

Before the purchase, our customers receive a free lighting design along with a reliable LUMENMAX-certified individual simulation (also graphically) of the necessary disinfecting exposure time, having the option to choose the configuration and number of luminaires, even from several proposals!

Each customer, LUMENMAX will provide training in the operation and safe use of the ANNIHILATOR LUMENMAX system. Depending on the needs and possibilities, it can be stationary or remote training.