The ANNIHILATOR LUMENMAX luminaire is based on the famous LUMENMAX PL/CL series models. It is a timeless, minimalistic, universal, but very elegant luminaire, designed for almost any type of room. 

The clear advantage compared to competing downlights has been achieved thanks to:

  • high efficiency (for the luminaire 100 lm/W, for the LED module 115 lm/W)
  • high color fidelity (CRI Ra> 90)
  • very good, if we take downlights with a medium wide beam angle, unpleasant glare factor (UGR <22-25)

Due to top quality of the used components and structures, allowing for very efficient heat dissipation, the warranty period for the luminaire is up to 5 years. That said, this does not limit their maximum lifetime – unlike most LED downlights available on the market, both LED modules, as well as the power supply and controller, are fully interchangeable, so these luminaires deserve the name “immortal”.

Due to the specially selected beam angle, with a relatively large beam of light, the mounting height range of ANNIHILATOR LUMENMAX luminaires is exceptionally large. Luminaires will effectively illuminate rooms, even from a height of several meters! 

Further advantages of the luminaire for the lighting mode:

  • Replaceable COB LED, driver and power supply
  • Timeless, minimalist and compact design
  • Eulumdat files for lighting design (DIALUX) available
  • Superior quality of light, luminous efficacy, energy efficiency (A +) and photobiological safety
  • An exceptionally wide range of applications (office, commercial, residential, service and other facilities)
  • Adjusting the light intensity – dimmable using a smartphone
  • Corrosion resistance (Aluminum 6063, 6082)
  • The tightness class from the front of the luminaire IP44 allows the luminaire to be used in rooms with increased air humidity
  • White light diffuser resistant to UVC photodegradation 
  • Easy to install and available in recessed or surface-mounted versions
  • Full compliance with CE EMC, CE LVD, ROHS, RED standards
  • High power factor, cosφ> 0.96