Due to the mounting height, the disinfecting and lighting efficiency of ANNIHILATOR LED modules falls in the range from 0 to even 25 meters (recommended max height is 6m, due to the controllers reception range).

We can successfully use it as a luminaire for low, medium and high ceiling mounting for lighting and disinfection of high-walled rooms such as lobbies, patios, auditoriums and halls. Thanks to the IP44 level of tightness of the front part of the luminaire, it can be used in rooms with increased air humidity. 

Owing to their minimalist design, the fixtures fit any type of room. The combination of lighting and disinfecting functionality does not disturb the elegance and design of the luminaire – on the contrary – the gold-colored SMD UVC LEDs used in the ANNIHILATOR module, seasoned with quartz lenses, together with decorative purple gems from SWAROVSKI, constitute a subtle design art.


Installation of the system is particularly recommended in places with a significant daily flow of people:


  • hospitals 
  • clinics
  • waiting rooms
  • canteens, toilets
  • restrooms
  • conference and lecture rooms
  • service points (hairdresser, beautician, tattoo studios)
  • nursing homes
  • offices, services
  • sports facilities, fitness clubs and gyms
  • communication lanes and lobbies
  • hotel industry and gastronomy
  • shops, shopping malls
  • kindergartens, schools, nurseries
  • flats, houses