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ANNIHILATOR LUMENMAX is a Polish production system of professional hybrid LED downlight disinfection ceiling luminaires, available in surface-mounted, suspended versions and in a variant recessed into a drop ceiling. Our luminaires will effectively illuminate and sanitize any room from a height of up to (yes, it’s no mistake!) TWENTY-FIVE METERS!

Each ANNIHILATOR LUMENMAX luminaire is equipped with two LED modules. The COB LED module is responsible and intended for energy-saving lighting of rooms. The LED UVC module, on the other hand, is responsible for the professional disinfection of surfaces and air. Both modules operate alternately, so we can choose the lighting mode or the decontamination mode. 

These luminaires can be combined into groups and controlled remotely via mobile devices thanks to the ANNIHILATOR LUMENMAX application, which is available free of charge in the Google PLAY Store.

Remote control (e.g., via smartphone) is possible thanks to the HULLCS® controller developed by the LUMENMAX team. 

Controllers used in the luminaires are based on BLUETOOTH BLE and WIFI technology. They provide the following functionalities:

  • safety regarding the access of bystanders to control of ultraviolet UVC radiation
  • white light brightness control
  • cooperation with dedicated wired or wireless sensors which disconnect radiation when motion is detected
  • setting the time of the disinfection process, the start delay time and the volume of the warning signal
  • change of preferences and administration of a group of luminaires

Administration and control of a group of ANNIHILATOR LUMENMAX luminaires thanks to HULLCS® controllers is intuitive and exceptionally simple, and at the same time highly functional. 


Where is the superiority of LED UVC over old-type artificial UVC radiation sources?

no toxic mercury contents

a wavelength of light that is more effective in combating pathogens - a narrower and more precise range of radiation

thanks to the small dimensions - the possibility of implementing LED UV light sources in any type of lighting fixture and lamp and the possibility of easy integration with electronic control systems

no ozone production harmful to humans and animals - without needing to ventilate the rooms after the disinfection process is completed

precise control of the UVC beam, allowing the calculation of radiation doses necessary for disinfection, helps to achieve greater energy efficiency of the disinfection process and to avoid dynamic photodegradation of the irradiated materials

longer service life of the LED UVC module, low operating costs - no need to periodically replace the radiators


It is undeniable that LED technology will soon replace discharge sources of UV radiation, i.e., fluorescent lamps, quartz lamps and UV lamps from individual market sectors.

On top of that, sterilizers based on the so-called Excimer lamps and created recently as a result of the economic response to the COVID-19 outbreak, due to their size, appearance and cost of production, are not able to threaten the imminent domination of the disinfection industry by LED technology.

ANNIHILATOR LUMENMAX is the first professional, remote-controlled hybrid LED ceiling luminaire – a combination of an energy-saving LED luminaire with an LED sterilizer. 

From now on, the sterility of rooms and the health of users will be protected by modern and elegant LED lighting equipment.